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Elliott Yamin - New Music

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Elliott Yamin Live!

WoW. Now dats what I'm talkin bout. Smokin Hawt!

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In Loving Memory of Teddy Pendergrass + Marvin Isley

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Much Love + Prayers in Honor of Michael Jackson

Sending Much Love and Prayers to the Jackson family in Honor of Legendary Soul Star Michael Jackson. Rest in Peace Michael. We can't believe such an incredible, inspired talent is gone. We will miss you and always remember your wonderful music. We're in tears and mourn such a great loss. I Want You Back - Thriller - Billie Jean.

Dancing Machine - Get on the Floor - I Can't Help It

My first album was Jackson 5 Greatest Hits. I saved up for Off the Wall. My man's first was Thriller. We all remember how Michael brought it to Motown 25. Wow. I feel so fortunate to have seen Michael twice live in concert during the Victory and Bad tours. He was absolutely phenomenal. We love you Michael. Your music + spirit will live forever.
Quincy Jones on Michael Jackson - Off The Wall - Baby Be Mine

'Aretha Franklin...spoke of Michael Jackson as a "musical genius" and "a very kind and sensitive young man who never gave less than 150% when he hit the stage." Sitting at her piano, she bowed her head and said, "We do thank you, Michael, for every performance, for every kind thing you did, and we do want to take a moment in remembrance of Michael Jackson." The near-capacity crowd then fell silent for several moments. Franklin concluded with a brief prayer, saying, "He moved on up, just a little bit higher now."'

Elliott Yamin on Fire! Smokin Live E

Oh Yeah! Elliott Yamin tears it Up in DC! Alright - Live on Fire! Hawt!

Mercy! Call da Dr, baby! Elliott Yamin smolders on Train Wreck!

Now DATs what I'm talkin bout! - SMOKIN Live Movin On Soul Encore!
A Fine Soul Groove..feelin it: Let Love Be + Free
OMG! Elliott Yamin's sizzlin' new single Don't Be Afraid is Smokin' Hot!

Very Tasty.. Elliott Yamin fires it up on Cold Heart! - Live in DC

Glenn Lewis - Don't You Forget It - Musiq - Halfcrazy
Vivian Green - Emotional Rollercoaster

Elliott smokin old school soul: Cold Heart -- Live
Let Love Be -- Live

Wow! Elliott Yamin sings the hell out of Apart From Me!

My Ultimate Fav.. Movin On - Outstanding! SMOKIN Live in LA
Outstanding performance! Elliott sings Free Live
Happy Mother's Day..much luv to Elliott, Claudette and the Obamas!

Elliott Yamin - Free Live soundcheck, Movin' On Live Outstanding!

Train Wreck - Live... THUD! very tasty...
Movin' On - Fantastic Acoustic version, World Diabetes Day
Movin' On - Live... Smokin' Hot! Boy U Knock Me Out!

Curtis Mayfield - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
Queen of Soul -

Elliott Yamin +
Soul-Funk-R&B Music Legend, Stevie Wonder +
Magic Johnson
This Christmas - Live...
Wow! Elliott Yamin is Smoking Hot This Christmas, Back Door Santa, Christmas Without Carol + Movin' On! Very tasty...

Movin On. This Christmas. Free. Alright. You Take My Breath Away

Elliott Yamin - Free - Live...Inspired. + Wait for You - Live

Rest in Peace, Levi Stubbs, Pervis Jackson of The Spinners, Isaac Hayes + Jerry Wexler. Do Your Thing - Stormy Monday - Shaft - Live

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
WoW!! Now DATS What I'm Talkin Bout! Please record this. It's a Beautiful Thing. Outstanding! Boy u knock me out! Elliott is a magnificent classic old school funky r&b-jazz-blues soul survivor.
America the Beautiful, rehearsal - Elliott Yamin - Free - Live

Wow! Incomparable performance! Go Elliott! We Love You!!
Richmond Times-Dispatch reports: Elliott Yamin's 'debut record has sold more than 50,000 [over 100,000] copies in Japan in the less than two weeks [since] it’s been available.. Platinum Wait for You the number one single in the country –– over Madonna and Usher. Elliott also plans to release the album in Taiwan and China. Most of his time lately has been spent holed up in the studio, where he is working on his next record.'
Elliott Yamin delivered a magnificent, soulful + very moving performance of Free, Live on Idol! Elliott, ya knocked it out of da park! Fantastic!

oh yeah! Sendin lotsa luv ur way. It was Fine. Eloquent. Inspired. Man, you should release the Live version of Free. Brought the house down + I'm moved to tears of joy + pride + feeling. I am so happy for you + for us to be able to witness the tremendous wonder + passion of your remarkable, soulful spirit + awe-inspiring talent. I was truly feelin it. And as I write this with tears in my eyes, I know your beautiful mother, Claudette is smiling down on you right now with joy, love + pride. Thank you, Elliott. We Love You So Much. Much luv + aloha. I dedicate that beautiful inspirational song of Hope to Barack Obama.
Sending luv to Elliott + Barack Obama. My Heroes. Go Elliott! Go Obama! One Voice. Can Change A Room.
One America. Unity. Hope. Change. It's a Beautiful Thing

Barack Obama
Doug DeBolt at The Trades writes: 'He's head-and-shoulders above anyone.. More than anyone else in the history of the show, Elliott is what American Idol is all about -- finding truly undiscovered American singers.'

Elliott Yamin's Wait For You hit #4 on the AC chart, at 35 weeks, the longest-running song on American Top 40. Elliott toured Japan, Africa, Germany, Belgium + England.
Elliott was Smokin Hot on Fire performing Live at the Kodak in Hollywood. The fine E-man blew it out da box! Go Elliott! Elliott Shined! Check out E on the red carpet with Quincy Jones + Lionel Richie. Elliott's been busy working on his album. Live songs, real instruments would smoke! Movin On - Live DC finale
Mindblowing Awesome Live Free rehearsal
Elliott sings Whiter Shade of Pale + Sign Your Name
Elliott performed Free, Movin' On + Wait For You at Richmond JCC - Movin' On - Live - Richmond JCC Outstanding! Go Elliott! Free (Live) - Wait For You - Q&A - Speech - Elliott is co-writing songs for several projects including (with guitarist, Russell Ali) the soundtrack to the movie "Sweetwater" about Sweetwater Clifton, the first black basketball player signed by the NBA. Elliott performed at ASCAP Awards - Free - Wait for You - Germany Live
Elliott Phones Home - Richmond JDRF fundraiser
Elliott smokes! E sings Train Wreck + Wait for You Live in New Orleans - hawt! Movin' On, Train Wreck, Alright, Free (Live) are soulful grooves. Feelin da Funk!
Check out Elliott Yamin 'Movin' On' in U-Turn magazine + live on Montel Williams! Elliott's Wait For You is Radio + Records #6 Top 40 Song of the Year! Outstanding! Go Elliott! Congratulations! Elliott's Wait For You made Vibe's Top 44 songs of 2007! Miami Herald: Elliott is still funky! My Favs: Movin' On, Train Wreck, Alright are very tasty, Live version of Free smokes: E sings Free - Live - AOL Sessions. Rodney Ho: 'After seven months on the road, he definitely possesses more confidence than he did back in the days of “Idol” as he channeled his inner-Steve Wonder.' Many are disappointed Elliott's not up for a Best New Artist Grammy. With his gold debut album, Elliott Yamin is 'arguably the best male singer to ever grace the Idol stage.' Yamin 'nails the vocal runs associated with his idol Donny Hathaway's This Christmas + playfully funks up..Yamin's voice can heat up any room.' Elliott Overseas: 'First show I did abroad was in the Philippines, we did a 10-day tour..they love American music.. people are very warm and friendly, very inviting.. I'm still surprised that people know my music in so many places around the world. It's pretty humbling.' Elliott plans a summer release for his next album (an R&B joint) + hits the studio to begin recording after he gets back from his USO tour in February. E plans to record a live album or live songs. Elliott's been listening to Donald Fagan's The Nightfly. E is a night owl. Listening to Donny Hathaway + meeting Stevie Wonder moves Elliott to tears. A man of my heart. Wait For You in Malaysia: 'performance of the night..singing like a true pro. He really rocked the show. A very soulful guy, very humble and nice too.' Elliott on fire in his zone: Free Wow! Just Magical! Magnificent performance! We were feelin it! Elliott is incredible live! We were so stoked E remembered us! THUD! Free rehearsal
Boston Herald praised 'Yamin as future r&b star': Elliott 'showed his velvety smooth pipes are worthy of..mature, timeless material..he sounded fantastic backed by a capable soul-and-jazz sextet on "Alright," "Movin' On" and "Find a Way," the most tantalizing slices of r&b confection on his CD..packed a surprising funk wallop.'
'It’s the passion with which this partially deaf, 29-year-old Jewish white boy from Virginia belted out Donny Hathaway’s "Little Ghetto Boy" and Leon Russell’s "A Song For You" (Yamin’s version of which is modeled after Hathaway’s) that..proves that Yamin can transcend the trappings of modern r & b with grace and style.' He can 'handle himself in grittier survive.' SoulTracks: 'raw but talented singer like Yamin, the result is one of the most instantly enjoyable albums of the year. Yamin deftly handles mildly urban beat of the opening cut, "Movin' On," and brings similar vitality to the radio-friendly "Wait for You".. But best of all is the horn-punctuated Memphis sound of "Train Wreck," a great cut where production, singer and material come together -- it could have been a hit 30 years ago and still sounds fresh today.' Elliott 'reveal[s]..his musical personality..on his cover of "A Song For You" and his enjoyable co-composition "Find a Way"), but for now he's proven his musical instincts are solid on a welcome debut album that is truly a pleasant surprise. Highly recommended.'
Times-Union: 'Eclectic musical choices delivered with a supple, emotive voice. On stage..singing his heart out, this is one deeply funky white boy, possessed of abundant soul and a voice you can listen to all night long. He also finds evident joy in performing, and he seemed genuinely delighted by the reception he earned from an enthusiastic crowd.. That earnestness turns into passion when he’s singing. On uptempo numbers like “Alright” and “Movin' On,” from his self-titled, just-gone-gold debut album, Yamin hunches far into the groove, and adds vocal fillips and a young Joe Cocker.' Movin' On
Find a Way
Wait for You

Elliott brought it to the Highline in New York!
Check out Movin On, Alright, Free, A Song For You, Train Wreck, Elliott's One Word video, Interview with Star94, UsWeekly, + Inspired by Diabetes. Just saw Stevie Wonder in concert. Absolutely phenomenal! E would slay this!
Elliott Yamin's debut album is certified Gold! Congrats E!

E sings Free at Celtics game + anthem..smokin!

Elliott Yamin on Fire!

Elliott sounds fantastic Live! Elliott: 'expect raw, gritty soul and heartfelt passion during the show.' Beautiful versions of Train Wreck, Movin' On and I'm the Man. Elliott brought it to his live show! Gorgeous shot captures Elliott's passion at Maryland Theatre. Luv the black shirt and wonderful atmospheric noir backdrop! I was feelin it! Prepare to be mesmerized by Elliott's magnificent live version of A Song For You at Alabang Town Center in his last Philippines appearance. E set da stage on Fire! Smokin, Funkin Soul in Jersey - Movin' On
Train Wreck



Alright - New Orleans, Train Wreck, Free, WFY

Alright, Movin On, Little Ghetto Boy, FAW, Alright anime
'Yamin's live show will likely veer toward the smoother end of the soul-singer spectrum - think.. Donny Hathaway tunes and songs by Frankie Beverly and Maze.. Yamin said he was such a Stevie Wonder fan that, when he was young, he tried to sing like him. Wonder still influences his music today.' Inspired by Stevie, Donny, Bill Withers, James Moody and Marvin Gaye, Elliott is an incomparable "real, live singer." Elliott really shines in his live performances. Free smokes!

Elliott Yamin phones in from New Orleans’ French Quarter
'American Idol Season 5 third place finalist is down-right humble. From his unassuming underdog role on the reality show to his debut, self-titled release, Yamin seems to make his mark by quietly surpassing all expectations. For starters, the vocalist hardly looks like a soul singer — though he points out that he inherited his talent from his mother.. Weaned on Dinah Washington and Stevie Wonder records, Yamin' is “contributing to the movement of bringing back really tasteful R&B” .. I got into soul music from a very early age.. Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Washington, Aretha Franklin and all those kinds of soul singers. I kinda grew up on it. I grew up on old soul music.. I’ve always taken up an interest in that style of music.. that’s just where my soul comes from.. My mom was a soul singer.'
Hot! much soul + luv to the E man..Elliott would slay this
Elliott Yamin Dazzling Vocal in This Christmas - sizzlin!
Elliott Yamin is phenomenal Live! 'Yamin's hourlong set was an exercise in pure joy — elegant, engaging and souful.. Yamin's onstage prowess has grown impressively ... he also has a natural ease.. Vocally, his tone remains pure and regal. Yamin isn't only, as Simon Cowell noted, Idol's best male vocalist to date. He's one of the brightest new voices in contemporary pop music.'
— Houston Chronicle
Xmas preview:
I love This Christmas! Hot!
Movin On, Alright, Free - Live, Columbia MO - SMOKIN! Hot Asheville songs+interview

Let Your Heart Lead - Smokin H O T !!

Wait For You - Live at Kidd Kraddick
E is phenomenal Live in concert. There is nothing quite like it. An extraordinary experience and a beautiful thing.
Check out Elliott's Gold debut album, Elliott's new Xmas album 'The Elliott Yamin Holiday Collection' at Target, Elliott's tasty awesome new 'This Christmas' video, his single 'Movin' On', + Elliott's fantastic live performances and interview with Kidd Kraddick! The soulful E-man 'likes to take R&B and soul from the ’60s and ’70s and combine it with modern sounds. The result is.. [an] original style.' I'm so excited to see Elliott live in concert again. Jackie in Chicago: 'While standing there chatting, a few guys who worked there came out and put up some barricades and I started talking with one. He had been inside listening to the sound-check. He said, “This guy was on idol?” and I said that he was, and then in disbelief he asked, “He didn’t win?” and I said that was true, he hadn’t. He asked what place he came in and when I said third, he said, “Man! That’s just wrong! That dude can SING! He’s flat out got a voice. He’s way better than Justin Timberlake. I’d like to hear him do a song with Sting.” I thought this was an interesting conversation because it was apparent that this guy wasn’t very familiar with Elliott up until last night, yet he was clearly so impressed with him from just the sound-check. When I suggested Alicia Keys, he said “No, this cat’s voice is too good.” We went back and forth for a while and finally agreed on Elliott singing with Chaka Khan.' Lalah Hathaway + Elliott would be great, too. Elliott seriously brought it. We were simply blown away.
Movin' On

Train Wreck

I'm the Man
Alright - Chicago
Train Wreck - Trinoma + Train Wreck - Glorietta
Movin' On - Trinoma + Movin' On, Glorietta + Market!Market
Thanks to all the Pinoys, Yaminoys, Yaminions, Flipsiders, Etrainers + E-fans for sharing your bliss. Beautiful. Unbelievable performance. Like, WOW! Oh, man, I was feelin it. I was yellin, 'yeah! yeah!' at my computer as I watched the beautiful, fine, soulful E-man do his thing. Elliott, you are just incredible, man. DJ's were blown away: 'I don’t know if you know how huge your song is here in Chicago. But you had the courage to come in here and play it acoustically. You threw it against the wall, with nothing behind you.. you’ve made it man, I got goosebumps just thinking about it.'
Moody's Mood For Love (acapella) + I'm the Man - Glorietta
Elliott 'started listening to songs that grooved on the soul side. Ranking high on his list of favorites.. is the great Donny Hathaway. His first formal foray into music was a short stint with a jazz band back home.'

E is stormin the Philippines!

Movin' On Grand Rapids, Movin' On Chicago
Elliott Yamin's self-titled Gold album debut set a Billboard record having the highest debut by a new, independent artist in the history of the chart. Elliott's Gold debut album hit No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 96,000 copies in its first week. Elliott's Gold single, "Wait for You" hit #4 on the Top 40 charts, sold 800,000 downloads, one of the most played radio hits of 2007.
Check out the October 2007 issue of Diabetes Forecast magazine + US Weekly featuring Elliott Yamin. The Elliott Yamin Holiday Collection features This Christmas. Check out his new single, 'Movin' On.' Elliott, Global Ambassador for Diabetes, has a terrific interview, 'Elliott Yamin: The sound, the story, the sensation', by Jennifer Ong in the Philippine Star. Favorite song: 'I’m a big fan of Train Wreck.. I wrote most of the song’s lyrics and some of the melody.. I love the concept of it and it was just a lot of fun to do it live with my band.' Lesson: 'never stop dreaming big. Diabetes should never hold you back from doing anything you want to do.. The greatest joy I have is to just inspire one person with diabetes and say, “Look, I’m doing my thing. You can do yours, too.”' As you become more and more famous, what’s that one thing that will remain unchanged in your life? 'Probably just the keen sense of appreciation that I have, knowing how blessed and fortunate I am to be in this position. This business is very fickle and I understand that it can be gone just like that. So I think that the one constant that will remain is you’ll always see me and say, “He’s a grounded person, he knows where he comes from, he knows where he’s going.” And I try not to take any of this for granted. I want to enjoy every second of it and still continue to work hard — that’s how I’ll always kind of approach this whole gig, you know.' Elliott Yamin is receiving wonderful reviews. 'American Idol castaway Elliott Yamin has released an album of epic proportions with his self-titled debut. From one listen of the first track on the album, it becomes crucially apparent that America made the wrong decision when they voted this young man off the highly rated competition. While several others from his season on American Idol have all made star turns since leaving the show, he is the clear-cut soul man of the bunch. Boasting a strong, buttery baritone, Yamin sings with a rich and soulful passion that is betrayed only by his bohemian white-boy image and beginnings on a pop-culture phenomenon. Able to belt out a classic Donny Hathaway standard with the same power and conviction that he uses to salute the love of his life, Yamin proves that he definitely has the pipes. On the album's opening track, Movin' On,

Yamin spits laments on abandoning a useless relationship atop of bouncy production, and reveals on the album's best songs. He also proves that he has the vocal and topical dexterity to carry out a variety of themes. On Find A Way, he takes an interesting political stand while on the uplifting Free, he flips to inspirational and makes for a track of anthem proportions. Another standout on the album is Yamin's cover of the Donny Hathaway classic A Song For You. He delivers this song with amazing clarity and passion and his delivery marks his vocal style as distinctive and powerful. Production throughout the album is also well done, making every effort to compliment Yamin's smooth vocals, which succeed on almost every offering.'
Elliott Yamin has arrived in the Philippines!
Glorietta Concert - The Manila Inquirer writes: 'Elliott Yamin’s take on “Moody’s Mood for Love” arguably his most memorable performance on the reality talent search. Yamin proceeded, week after week, to surprise AI judges and viewers with his ability to turn an obscure song into a contemporary, not to mention memorable, piece.. hearing other versions of the songs Yamin performed on AI made it difficult not to make comparisons, usually in his favor. Rare treat ..Simon Cowell declared Yamin “potentially” the best male vocalist in the history of the show. A Song For You

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know, VA State Fair
'Currently being treated to this unique, soulful voice..Fans come in hoards to watch him perform live.. an amazing acoustic performance of tracks from the artist’s self-titled album.. punctuate the emotion in Yamin’s vocals in “I’m the Man,” “Train Wreck,” “A Song for You”..groove to the beat — such as in the inspiring “Free” and breakup song “Movin' On.”' Manila Bulletin writes, Elliott’s turn to shine: 'Elliott could possibly be one of the best voices to emerge from the soul / R&B genre of late. Every song flows with an abundance of emotion as it weaves tales of love, heartbreak and hope. His honeycoated voice rings clear with each note, infusing it with the soul that can only come from a musician’s heart. He also took his music in a whole new direction, taking the pop / R&B / soul route, and carving his own identity as an artist.. having the musical chops to make it far and wide in a rapidly evolving global music scene.'
A Song for You - Trinoma, Philippines, A Song For You Cebu
Free - Trinoma + Free - Market! Market!
Movin' On - Trinoma + Movin' On - Glorietta + Market!Market
Find A Way Trinoma, Train Wreck Glorietta, Movin On Cebu Find A Way - Glorietta, Take My Breath Away, Wait For You
Elliott welcomed by fans + Filipino press. Awesome! Smokin HOT! Elliott was wonderful on Ellen, Rachael Ray + thudalicious on Lincoln Heights! THUD!! Right on, Elliott. Kanye all the way. The E man is such a class act. Elliott smoked in the Philippines! Elliott Yamin — voted #1 in USA Today's Revisionist Idol — set the stage aflame in Jersey and shined like never before in a fantabulous live concert. If you haven't yet picked up Elliott's CD or seen him live, don't miss it — you've got to experience it. Elliott was on fire! It was incredible. USA Today's Ken Barnes: 'Season 5 Revisionist Idol results ... are pretty darned dramatic ... The singer you feel should have been the winner in what many described as [American] Idol's greatest season is ... 1. Elliott Yamin (finished 3rd on the show). And it wasn't close, either — he had easily the highest total of points since this entertaining summertime diversion began.' Hands down. Elliott is the best to ever grace AI. Absolutely. E was smokin hot! I tell ya, da hot fine E man brought it and Jersey was surely feelin some serious soul cuz Elliott has got it goin on. Smoldering, baby.. it was sizzlin! itslate took some gorgeous pics.. exquisite, beautiful shots! We were definitely feelin it and had a wonderful time. Elliott was incomparable and lit up the sky as we danced and dug it! Check out Elliott in action singin LIVE and his live concert tour as E storms da stage and da funky white boy brings some smokin soul to town! Catch Elliott on Rehearsals, Voice of America, VH1. Elliott gave a remarkable performance in Austin that shows just what we all love about the E man. Unbelievable!
Movin' On, Find A Way, wait for the sound to start..hawt! Man, Elliott never disappoints.. especially live! Elliott's single Wait For You hit #4 on the Top 40 charts! 'Known for his gritty, raw voice, this well-loved tenor placed third in the finals of the fifth season won by Taylor Hicks. Critic Simon Cowell described Yamin as “potentially the best male vocalist in the history of American Idol.”' As always, Elliott was freaking unbelievable! Thud! Go Elliott! We luv you!
Elliott hit #1 on VH1 for 8 weeks! Watch Elliott on VH1, Rachael Ray, Lincoln Heights, and Rickey has video of Elliott in the big Apple talkin with hottie Jared Cotter on The Sauce at the Fuse studios in New York. Elliott's Live acoustic version of Free on AOL Sessions + Movin' On smokes! Wait For You sold over 800,000 downloads + accumulated an audience over 1 Billion!